Being a new mum, either for the first time or for the second or third time, is one of the most scary, exciting, and daunting experiences that you’ll ever have.

First, you find out you’re pregnant. You then face the agonising wait for the twelve week scan, then the twenty week scan. And, once these are done, you have to go through the difficult process of giving birth. Finally, after growing and giving birth to this tiny little human being, it’s time to navigate the next eighteen plus years and support them into adulthood!

At some point during this journey, you will think to yourself, ‘I must get a Will done!’. After all, you know it’s the responsible thing to do – but you don’t quite get round to it. Five years later, you think ‘I really must get a Will done!’ and the cycle starts again. According to Which?, ‘new research has found that 54% of UK adults don’t have a will, and 5.4 million people have no idea how to make one’!

If I had £1 for every parent that’s told me it’s been on their To Do list since their firstborn, but they didn’t know where to turn – I’d have a lot of £1s!

That’s where I come in. I’m a normal Mum, and I’ll ensure that I explain your options and the costs in the most straightforward and simple terms possible. It doesn’t matter your circumstances or financial situation; everybody receives the same relaxed, down to earth approach.

A Will is all about the people you love, and the people that you want to protect. The most important part of a Will for all parents is Guardianship. This is the part where you give legal guardianship to your chosen person(s), giving them the right to make decisions for your children should both parents pass away. Without this in place, it is up to social services to appoint the person that they feel is the most appropriate to care for your children. This might not always be the same choice that you would make.

Naming guardians is straightforward, and is something that’ll be covered in a basic Will. There are also options to protect your assets for your children, for example your house or a share of a property. This is called a Trust.


I’m Nicole, a Will Writer and Estate Planner. I pride myself on being professional and knowledgeable, with an open and honest ‘no fuss’ approach.

If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch with me for a relaxed and informal chat. Alternatively, I’m also happy to WhatsApp or to schedule a video appointment if you’d prefer. And yes, before you ask, I do do evening appointments – just as soon as the kids are tucked up in bed!

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