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Signing a Will

Signing a Will

Signing a Will. The signing of your Will is an extremely important part of making your Will.will2

A Will becomes legally valid and binding as soon as it is signed by the Testator and observed by two Witnesses together, who will sign to confirm this fact (execution of the Will).

Who can witness a Will

  • Someone who is capable of understanding the nature and effect of what they are doing
  • Is aged 18 or over
  • Is not blind

Who cannot witness a Will

  • A Beneficiary in the Will
  • Married to, or be the civil partner of a Beneficiary. In these circumstances the Will remains a valid and legal document, but the gift to the Beneficiary cannot be paid.

It is important that you sign and date your Will in front of two witnesses as soon as possible.  Please read the following notes before undertaking the execution of your Will.

  • The signing of your Will involves three people, you and two witnesses
  • All three must be present throughout the process
  • The witnesses must be over 18 years old
  • The witnesses should NOT be Beneficiaries, spouses of Beneficiaries or members of your own family (even if the Beneficiary has been named as second or third reserve to inherit any part of the estate, making the mistake of signing as a witness means that they will lose their inheritance)
  • Make sure that the witnesses are as independent as possible.  For example neighbours or work colleagues
  • Ask your two witnesses to add their “usual signatures”, where provided
  • They should also print their names, addresses and occupations clearly for identification purposes

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