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Write your Will online

Write your Will online. This form can take around 15-20 minutes to fill out. Where there are multiples of the same question, such as relating to specific legacies, this is only if you wanted to add more than one. If you are adding none at all you can leave any or all of these blank.

Important: Once your form is submitted the form page will erase all your data almost instantly as it is securely sent to us, this is done to protect your data and make sure it is not stored anywhere it shouldn’t be. Once this has happened please use the menu at the top to get back to our main site.

If you have any questions while filling it out or would prefer to speak with a Will advisor rather than complete it online yourself please contact us.

Prices vary depending on circumstances but start from £47. You are under no obligation to purchase a Will by filling out this form. We will contact you once we have all of your information from this form to confirm we have everything we need to proceed and can give you your final price at this point.


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